2-in-1 Beard + Face Hydrating Serum

 A beard blessing in a bottle! Our weightless 2-in-1 Hydrating Serum moisturizes and softens dry skin and beards, while adding an unforgettably regal aroma. This superior serum is not your average beard oil. It’s loaded with skin loving vitamins, antioxidants, and powerful organic moisturizers. 


Nourishing Beard + Body Butter

Fresh, healthy beards grow from fresh, fertile foundations. So, with that in mind, we focus on improving the condition of your skin beneath your beard. Our aloe and sunflower oil-based Nourishing Beard + Body Butter is a top contender when it comes to prevention of dry skin, beard hair loss, and breakage. It soothes your skin and your beard with all-natural ingredients. Groom yourself like royalty.  



 2-in-1 Beard + Face Hydrating Serum 

We’ve carefully selected exotic essential oils to create alluring, long lasting scents that enhance your royal aura and appearance.

CAUTION: Be prepared to receive multiple compliments and constant caressing using this stuff!

We’ve handcrafted our unique, 100% natural blend of emollient rich oils and stimulating extracts to:

- Add softness and shine without feeling greasy or oily
- Relieve dry, damaged beards and skin
- Encourage healthy skin while facilitating beard growth
- Stop beard itch and eliminate ‘beardruff’
- Thicken, grow, and give a fuller appearance to thin, patchy beards
- Make coarse, thick beard hair more smooth and manageable
- Repair split ends and tame frizz
- Create irresistibly sensuous natural scents that you (and your lover) will revel in
- Empower men to love and care for themselves and their appearance naturally

LADIES - Adorn your bearded beau with this perfect addition to his beard care regimen (or start one!) that will keep his beard fine, fresh, and flourishing. You will enjoy the softness and sultry scents. Subscription boxes and bundles make great gift ideas!

Fresh beards grow from fertile foundations like a FRESH FACE, so we nurture from within, from your skin to your strands. We’ve carefully formulated our recipe based on research of the finest plant-based ingredients, and without using artificial or harmful chemicals. You will notice an immediate visual improvement in the appearance, feel, and texture of your manly mane. Get fresh, feel fine, and flourish!

Nourishing Beard + Body Butter 

Proteolytic enzymes in the aloe vera plant help heal and repair damaged skin cells and revive dead hair follicles, ultimately aiding in faster growth. Shea butter and plant-derived oils amplify the conditioning and softening power of this luxurious cream. With the hold of a beard balm and the hydration of beard oil, we’ve produced a moisturizing cream that:

- Makes beards more manageable
- Conditions and softens beard and skin
- Promotes beard growth
- Alleviates and soothes itchiness and dryness
- Enhances curl patterns and shine
- Leaves you looking well-groomed and smelling divine

This non-greasy formula will soon become a staple in your daily grooming routine. From your beard to the soles of your feet, take your self-care from disheveled and scruffy to king status. Use with our Hydrating Serum for best results. 

The Fresh Face Beard Care Subscription Box

The Fresh Face Beard Care Subscription Box is the ultimate subscription box for bearded beaus and the women who love them! By signing up, you will receive a monthly supply of our 100% organic grooming products made from naturally derived ingredients, Each box, like our products, is perfectly curated and hand-crafted with love and delivered right to your door. 

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