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I'm just a guy who appreciates the fuller look of a beard. Join the club and grow one. I'm a professional who works in higher education and nothing makes me feel more confident than a slim fit suit and a groomed beard. It's the perfect combo.

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To beard, or not to beard..

To beard or to not beard? It's probably the biggest question for most masculine men in the last five years. 

Beards have been trending for the last few years, and many men have embraced the revolution of the facial hair movement. Look at the beard oil industry. It is aligned with the beard growth trend. As of 2018, the beard oil industry is valued at $925. 9 million and looks to increase by 6% from 2019 - 2025. In other words, more men will be growing beards. The question you are probably now stuck with is, "should you grow a beard or shave it off?" Let's ask the experts (women).

"During most first impressions, grooming says a lot about you." - Some anonymous woman 

This Facebook status shared the other day, posed the question, "What do Women Think of Beards?" 

1. "Beards. And a full beard with a goatee and a little hairy, women have the tendency to run their fingers through a guys beard, so yeah that's my preference."

2. "A well-groomed beard is my favorite. However, some beards match a man's swag with the low, medium, and long looks. Plus, the cologne added to the mix." 

3. "Beard or no beard is attractive to me; however, if you have a beard, it must be well-groomed trimmed, combed, and tapered."

4. "Beards! The bigger/scruffier, the better!"

5. "A nice groomed, low profile beard is sexy. Keeping it shiny and healthy is a must. A goatee is nice as well."

6. "I'm indifferent I am attracted to beard or no beard just as long as he is taking care of himself. However, I do like full beards, not long or thick, well maintained. Still, I'd start with a man should wash it regularly, oil it (depending on thickness, oil can clog up pores if the beard is too low), and use excellent quality products to help nourish the beard." 

These Facebook comments are just a sample size on the majority of what women shared on the post. It was concluded women love beards as long as they are nicely groomed, soft, tickly, and lightly oiled, and they could touch it. Regardless of length or style from light stubble, goatee, 5 o'clock shadow, or full, they want the beard to be a perfect fit to that face of yours. 

"I just realized beards are the equivalent of makeup for men." - Some anonymous woman

Something about a beard makes people think of independence, adventurous, and sovereignty in men. It carries the persona of freedom and sturdy, cool, and smooth. Many studies have uncovered that men with stubble are more attractive than those who are clean-shaven, and that full beards present maturity. The bottom line is women will embrace the beard if it is kept groomed and refined so their eyes could enjoy. Moreover, if you are going to grow a beard, then you have to check out the brand Fresh Face Beard Care. They offer natural grooming organic products for bearded men.

- Degion