“Behind every great man is a great woman encouraging him to become his highest self.”  

A refreshing, new take on beard and skincare with superior, natural products that are effective, and pleasant to men and their partners.



Fresh Face Beard Care is a luxury, all-natural beard and skincare company that strives to empower men to practice self-love and personal care organically, without harsh chemicals and animal products. We are a privately owned and run company specializing in creating unique, seductive scents, that men AND women love, from the essence of nature for our nourishing, grooming products. We believe that fresh beards grow from fresh, fertile facial hair follicles, so we cater to your beard from skin to strand.

Our products are designed to be incorporated into every bearded man’s daily beard and skincare routine. Fresh Face Beard Care was inspired by a woman’s passion to empower our bearded male loved ones to prioritize their self-care with high-quality, plant-based nutrients and vitamins. We want other women to be encouraged to love their bearded beau or loved one stronger by advocating the start or transition to a natural skin and beard care regimen, or better yet, take the initiative to start one for him!


We have worked diligently to bring you superior beard and skincare products to help keep a man’s beard game strong and keep his skin at it’s best. With the best-smelling products on the market, Fresh Face promotes not only facial hair growth, but also togetherness, relaxation, and heightened intimacy between couples. Fresh Face alleviates common struggles that accompany wearing a manly mane, such as dryness, itchiness, foul odor, stunted hair growth and ‘beardruff’, by creating vegan grooming products that promote:

1. Healthy skin and beards

2. Thicker, softer, more manageable, GREAT smelling beards

3. Strong, confident men who feel loved

Our cologne-quality, exotic fragrances are made from organic essential oils that provide benefits to facial hair and skin, as well as moods and libido. We know a man’s pride is his treasure, and men take pride in their beards! We see the best in you, we understand what you want to achieve, and we are here to support you on your journey to becoming the most kingly (and most handsome) man you can be. We understand the need to keep your beard and skin healthy and looking its best, and you deserve nothing less. 

Our products are carefully handmade to not just impact positively on the way men view and carry themselves, but ultimately improve how they lead their families and communities. We take pride in encouraging men, and their loved ones, to achieve optimal holistic health by beginning with improving how they care for themselves and feel about themselves with our amazing-smelling, vegan grooming products. 


To constantly and consistently promote self-love and togetherness by producing superior, nutrient-rich products formulated from premium, plant-based ingredients, while supporting women in their efforts to help their bearded lovers achieve great skin and the beard of his dreams.


Here at Fresh Face Beard Care, outstanding customer satisfaction is at the forefront of everything we do. After our experience and the level of hard work that we have put in, along with our subscription services, we are more than proud to offer our unique, effective products to the marketplace. To show our level of commitment and loyalty to our customers, we only communicate and serve in a manner that we ourselves would appreciate and be ecstatic about. We strive to deliver a caliber of customer experience that exceeds expectations at each encounter and leaves a memorable impact on the way you perceive our brand.


Fresh Face Beard Care was born out of a disappointing experience and a few unpleasant mishaps that our founder, Ariel Sellers, experienced with purchasing other brands’ beard care products for her fiancé. It seemed that neither the product nor the customer service was ever up to standard. Over and over again, they kept receiving products with underwhelming scents and subpar services. It was frustrating ordering and receiving products that either smelled the same or had the scent of household cleaning products. After trying several brands and not finding something to proudly use, Ariel sought out to make her own grooming products for her bearded beau. She wanted to make him something that would be effective, weightless, chemical-free, and aromatic. Those past inconveniences evoked our passion to create a luxurious, yet affordable and convenient, beard and skin care experience for men and the women who adore them.

Ariel began by researching the market for the finest plant-based ingredients, high-quality emollients, and most beneficial essential oils to create a moisturizing blend that would promote optimal health for beards and the skin beneath. After testing out a few different formulas, she knew she had found a combination that would offer everything missing in many products they had tried. She diligently researched ways to fuse creativity, passion, and integrity to create the most moisturizing and conditioning products with the most captivating, sensual aromas. From refreshing to seductive scent blends, Ariel had found what she wanted to share with other men who also value highly superior grooming products. 

After formulation, it became a habit to apply her products to her fiancé’s manly mane and face after nightly showers nightly, and it innately became their bedtime routine without thought. The act of helping him groom himself, along with the libido boosting qualities of some of the essential oils in our products, set the tone for an intimate, relaxing night together. Ariel believes great men deserve great products that enhance their self-care, confidence, and overall health. To further confirmation of its benefits, she would give samples to friends and strangers just to try; Fresh Face received great feedback! This was her ultimate motivation to build a business around something she grew a passion for. It became her focus to help other men achieve the skin and beard of their dreams by creating nutrient-rich products made from premium, vegan ingredients.

What began as a gesture of love for her bearded husband-to-be, Ariel grew into a means to promote holistic men’s health and self-care using blessings from nature. Thus, the birth of Fresh Face Beard Care. We honestly conceived our mantra and culture to be a refreshing, new take on beard and skincare with superior, natural products that are effective and pleasant to men and their partners. Ariel grew a fondness for mixing and blending natural, essential oils to create cologne-like, exhilarating, masculine scents that men love and that women adore. Fresh Face is a company founded upon honorable work ethic, unity, and the pursuit of excellence.

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