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Beard & Wave Brush


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Product Description

This natural boar bristle medium-hard brush is designed for both waves and beards. The wooden curved design of the handle and the strength of the bristles make it the perfect grooming essential to evenly distribute your products and define your style. Keep your cut and facial hair neat with this stylish tool to keep your waves swimming, and a fresh beard too! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ In addition to making you look more handsome, grooming yourself with our premium beard comb can: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ - Tame frizz and maintain manageability - Enhance shine - Evenly distribute your hair and beard products - Train your beard and hair to grow in a certain direction and give a thicker appearance - Increase blood circulation and stimulate hair follicles, which facilitates growth - Brush out crumbs, dandruff, and unsightly debris __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Best for short to medium-lengthed beards.

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