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Premium Natural Green Sandalwood Beard Pick


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Product Description

Our Premium Natural Green Sandalwood Beard Pick is the perfect grooming essential for a luxurious, attractive beard. Get the supreme tool for gliding through tangles and keeping your beard smooth and frizz-free. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ In addition to making you look more handsome, grooming yourself with our premium beard pick can: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ - Tame frizz and maintain manageability - Enhance shine - Prevent breakage and ingrown hairs - Evenly distribute our beard serum and butter - Train your beard to grow in a certain direction and give a thicker appearance - Increase blood circulation and stimulate hair follicles, which facilitates growth - Comb out crumbs, dandruff, and unsightly debris ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Keep your beard looking fresh and tangle-free. Order our Premium Natural Green Sandalwood Beard Pick today. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ How To Use Our Premium Beard Pick: 1. Moisturize your beard with a little water and our hydrating beard serum or nourishing beard butter. 2. Comb down from your ends as you move up towards to root. Start from your neck toward your cheeks, then around your mouth. 3. Don’t tug and pull on snags! 4. Style your beard to your liking. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Best for medium-long lengthed beards. Each comb is handmade from raw materials so please note that each comb may have a slightly different appearance. You have a one-of-a-kind beard comb!

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